High End Commercial Electrical Services. The Maintenance and Contracting Experts.


ICE Electrical Ltd offer specific and customised maintenance agreements that allow their customers business’s to remain operating safely and profitable.


ICE Electrical Ltd have offered 24/7 stand by support for business’s around Taranaki servicing over 40 commercial premises. With a clear understanding that maintenance is the prevention of unnecessary and costly downtime commercial clients are increasingly electing to have programmed maintenance carried out on their assets. These customised maintenance regimes are scheduled to minimise disruption to client services; a database is held on client assets that can forecast end of life equipment to allow for replacement before failure.


ICE Electrical Ltd have been providers of Instrument and Electrical support roles for some of New Zealand’s largest industrial clients. These roles have seen a requirement for specific technician selection, extensive training for site requirements and development of internal systems and policies to meet the expectations of often technical and challenging roles. ICE Electrical Ltd operate up a cloud based and up to date training matrix that ensures that the business and its technicians operate to the client specific requirements.

High level management procedures and regular company audits ensure that as demand change arises through legislation or client process that it is always met with a professional and well executed results. ICE Electrical Ltd can meet both short and long term demands for industrial clients and offer strategic planning for shutdown, maintenance and construction projects.

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